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Troubleshooting the Benefits Check Widget on sites
Troubleshooting the Benefits Check Widget on sites
Updated over a week ago

This guide is for people who have followed the standard instructions (available on your dashboard) to add the Benefits Check Widget to their website, but find that the widget does not show up when they publish the site.

Note that these instructions DO NOT work for sites hosted on, which is a separate entity from For sites, you need to be on their Creator or Entrepreneur plan in order to embed iframes.

Our Benefits Check Widget uses an iframe to display our code on your website, and unfortunately the default Wordpress configuration blocks iframes from being displayed on your site.

To fix this, you need to modify your Wordpress theme code, specifically functions.php. Here's a tutorial on how to access that file:

Once you're in there, you need to paste in this snippet of code and save your changes:

add_filter( 'no_texturize_tags', function( $default_no_texturize_tags ) {
$default_no_texturize_tags[] = 'iframe';
return $default_no_texturize_tags;
} );

This will allow iframes to be displayed, and the widget should now show up on your site.

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