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Setting up your Mentaya account
Set Up Mentaya's Instant Benefits Calculator
Set Up Mentaya's Instant Benefits Calculator

Our Benefits Checker verifies your clients’ benefits in seconds. Here are all of the ways you can access it.

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Note: The Benefits Checker is an optional add on. See more info on pricing here.

To access our benefits checker you first need to set it up! Here's how:

Go to Settings, scroll to Plans and Pricing and select Premium.

Once your plan is upgraded, click on quick setup and enter your services and fees under the Benefits Check tab.

Great! Now you can use it on your portal, send clients a link, or add it to your website.

Method 1: Check your client’s benefits instantly in your provider portal.

On the benefits check tab, enter your client’s information and click Check Benefits.

Method 2: Send a link to your client to verify their benefits themselves.

Go to the benefits check tab and click on Copy Link.

Add this link to different directory profiles (ex: Psychology Today), intake forms, etc!

Method 3: Add the Benefits Checker widget on your website

1. Go to the benefits check tab, scroll down to Add benefits checker to your website and click View Instructions.

2. Click the copy icon (circled in red) to copy the code. We also provide optional sample language you can use on your website.

Here are step-by-step instructions to add the Benefits Checker to Squarespace and Wix.

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