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How Mentaya works
A Quick Explanation of Mentaya's Process
A Quick Explanation of Mentaya's Process

At Mentaya, we help your clients get reimbursed for therapy, even if you don’t take their insurance. Read below to find out how!

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Step by Step Explanation of Mentaya's Process:

Step 1: Verify that your clients have Out of Network Benefits

  1. Create an account.

  2. Go to the Benefits Check tab, and enter client’s information or send them a link.

In seconds we let them know whether or not they’re eligible for reimbursement, and give a quick explanation of their benefits. Here's a guide on how to set it up!

Step 2: Submit claims on their behalf

Once your clients’ OON benefits are verified, we can start submitting claims for them! Here’s how:

  1. You invite your client into Mentaya

    1. Send them an invite link

    2. Or invite them manually

  2. Once they create an account, they can “set it and forget it.” There’s no more action required from clients. Here’s a view of the client experience.

  3. You enter required info for your client’s claim (diagnosis, place of service, session length, CPT code and your fee).

    1. Note: this is a one-time task, all future claims for the client will default to this

  4. Enter new sessions, and verify they have occurred by clicking “charge”.

    1. We charge your client a 5% processing fee (ex: if the session is $200, Mentaya receives $10), and you’re paid your full fee upfront.

  5. Clients will be reimbursed via mailed check (or direct deposit) from their respective insurance providers.

    1. Note: To receive direct deposit, they need to set it up with insurance

You might be thinking: Why Mentaya?

Sure, your client's could submit superbills themselves, but it's inconvenient and often leads to rejections due to missing information or incorrect codes. Mentaya takes care of everything:

  • Automatic claim submissions

  • Insurance follow-up and resubmissions

  • Guaranteed reimbursement (or our processing fee back)

  • Clients get back an average of 62% on therapy

  • Free service for therapists

Sounds too good to be true?

We hear that a lot! But at Mentaya, we're here to simplify mental health by removing the burden of insurance. We believe everyone deserves access to affordable therapy.

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