Getting Started with Mentaya's EHR

Mentaya has a simple EHR system for out-of-network providers. We offer scheduling, billing, intake forms, and notes for all clients.

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Email us at [email protected] to get access to our free EHR: Request Beta Access.



In the clients tab, you can invite all of your clients by sending them an invite link (+ Share Invite Link) or invite them individually by clicking on + New Client.



You can schedule recurring sessions in your calendar, by choosing + New Session.

Or you can sync it to your google calendar. Check out this how-to guide.

If you want to send an email reminder to clients the day before each session, you can enable it in Settings.

Unpaid Sessions

Sessions with outstanding payment and/or claims will appear in the table for easy access. You can click on Select All and then Charge to submit an out of network claim for your clients and charge the session.


To charge your clients and submit a claim through Mentaya all you need to do is choose Session + Claim in Charge Mode.

Our payment processing fees:

If you choose to charge clients for the session via Mentaya, you can have your client either pay by credit card or enter their bank account info on Mentaya.

Unlike other reimbursement services, we do not take any cut for payment processing. We work with Stripe and simply pass along their fee:

  • Credit card processing fee: 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction

  • ACH (direct debit) fee: 0.8% (capped at $5.00) per transaction

Here's a breakdown on all of the different charge mode options.


Navigate to Clients > Click on a client > Sessions. For each session you can add notes, just click on +Add Notes.


Practice policies and client questionnaires can be created and sent to all clients via our Documents section.

  • To create a new practice policy: click on +New Document or upload your own.

  • To create a new questionnaire: click on +New Questionnaire or upload your own.

To view documents that your client has signed: Go to Clients > Click on a client > Practice Policies or Questionnaires.

Notice that there is an Uploads section as well, where you can upload all your files for that client (used for transitioning from your current EHR system).

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