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Mentaya's Automated Claim Submission
Mentaya's Automated Claim Submission

What do I have to do as a therapist to get my clients reimbursed?

Updated over a week ago

At Mentaya we completely automate the superbill process. You no longer have to provide clients with superbills, and they don’t have to worry about dealing with insurance.

Here’s all you need to do to get your clients reimbursed:

1. Invite your client into Mentaya (click + Share Invite on the clients tab)

2. Click on Manage Claim Defaults and verify: diagnosis, place of service, session length, CPT code, and your fee.

3. Click + New Session and enter all of the sessions you want to submit claims for.

  • Note: You can enter recurring sessions and choose the frequency and # of times.

  • You can also enter past sessions (claims have a timely filing limit of 180-360 days), and submit multiple claims at once. Here's a guide on how to bulk submit claims.

4. Click Charge.

  • Note: Clients will be charged a 5% processing fee/claim.

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