Sync your Calendar to Mentaya

You can integrate your EHR’s calendar (ex: Simple Practice, Theranest) to view your sessions in Mentaya.

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Note: At this time, we are only able to integrate EHRs that export to Google Calendar.

Here’s how:

1. Export your EHR’s calendar to Google calendar.

  • Make sure that session events include your clients' full first and last names in the title. If a session event is missing either one of those, our system will be unable to match them to your clients in Mentaya. In SimplePractice, you can set this on the calendar settings page:

  • If you're using a different EHR, you will also need to rename the exported calendar to be "SimplePractice".

2. Go to settings and click on connect to google calendar at the bottom of the page.

3. Click on Import Sessions.

4. In your sessions tab click on Import Sessions to finish syncing the calendars.

5. All of your sessions will now be populated.

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