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Understanding Your Claim Status: A Comprehensive Guide
Understanding Your Claim Status: A Comprehensive Guide

Mentaya claim status breakdown for therapists and clients.

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Being prepared

We are currently preparing the claim for submission. This should be done within the next few hours.


The claim is currently being processed. Processing times vary by payer, but typically take around 30 days.


There was an issue with the claim, but we've taken care of it and re-submitted it. You should expect an update within the next 30 days.


Claim was approved by payer. The claims will either get applied to your deductible or, if the deductible was met, reimbursement will be sent to the address on file with your insurance company.


The claim was accidentally submitted and has been voided upon request.

Note: Processing times do vary depending on insurance company and time of year. It can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months for claims to get processed.

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