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How it works for clients
How it works for clients

Has your therapist recently invited you to join Mentaya? Are you curious about how it all works? Here’s a quick walkthrough!

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Quick Intro:

Mentaya— who? We’re a service that helps clients, on average, get 62% back on out-of-network therapy (sessions with a therapist who doesn’t accept your insurance).

Pricing: We charge a 5% processing fee/claim (ex: if your therapist charges $200, we charge $10/claim).

What you need to do: ALL you need to do is create an account, start here. After that there’s nothing else for you do to!

Here’s how it works and what you can expect:

  1. After every session, your therapist verifies the session and we automatically submit a claim for you – you don't have to do anything!

  2. Your insurance company receives and processes the claims. This can take up to 45 days, but can take as little as a week.

  3. Once you've met your deductible, you will receive a check in the mail with an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) explaining the reimbursement.

Why you want us in your corner vs. doing it yourself:

  1. Every insurance plan has a “timely filing limit,” which means if you don’t submit within the deadline, you miss your chance for reimbursement.

  2. Getting reimbursed often involves following up with insurance companies. We have an entire team of insurance pros focused on troubleshooting issues and following up with companies until your claim is accepted.

  3. You’ve got nothing to lose— if we don’t successfully get your claim submitted, we give you a full refund of your fee (guaranteed).

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