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Bulk Submit Past Superbills
Bulk Submit Past Superbills

Submit your past superbills with Mentaya!

Updated over a week ago

Feeling overwhelmed with past superbills that have been piling up? With Mentaya, clients have the option to bulk submit these past superbills.

Apart from having an account, no therapist involvement is required, clients can do this on their own!

Pricing: 10% processing fee of the total session cost.

Watch this video or read below!

Submitting Past Superbills

  1. The client logs into their account.

  2. The client goes to the “Past Superbill” section of their profile.

  3. Proceed to + Submit Superbills, and click on + Select Files to upload the superbills

  4. Client confirms that:

    1. All sessions are from this year

    2. They haven’t previously submitted these superbills

    3. They’ve paid for all the sessions included in the uploaded superbills.

  5. Enter the total session cost.

  6. Click check out, enter your payment details, and done!

If you’re a therapist:

Want to submit past claims on behalf of your client? You can also retroactively submit claims through your own account, here’s how.

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