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How Accurate is the Benefits Checker?
How Accurate is the Benefits Checker?

Benefits Checker accuracy explained!

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Our benefits checker is a helpful tool that can provide you with an estimate of your psychotherapy/behavioral insurance benefits and eligibility. However, it is important to understand that this is an estimate and is not meant to be 100% accurate.

What is an "allowed amount"?

Also known as: the usual and customary rate, eligible expense, payment allowance, or negotiated rate, it refers to the maximum amount that a plan will cover for a specific healthcare service.

Unfortunately, our checker cannot consider allowed amounts as this information is not publicly displayed by insurance companies.

How does the benefits checker get its information?

The benefits checker functions by sending a request to the insurance company and extracting information directly from them. Our tool's accuracy aligns with the clarity provided by insurance companies. Given the often intricate nature of insurance terminology, we simplify concepts like deductibles and copayments, making them accessible for clients to understand and apply.

Here's what you need to know:

  • The checker provides an estimate based on the plan's current deductible and reimbursement rates. This information is regularly updated based on your remaining deductible.

  • The final reimbursement amount can vary depending on "allowed amounts."

  • Our information is pulled directly from the insurance companies.

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