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Recommendations for billing tricky scenarios
Recommendations for billing tricky scenarios

Billing for couples therapy and/or extended sessions? Here are our tips!

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Couples Therapy:

While some insurance companies do reimburse for couples therapy, the coverage ultimately depends on the specific plan of the client.

Mentaya Tip: We advise utilizing F codes instead of Z codes whenever possible for billing purposes.

Extended sessions:

As of 2023 the AMA stopped reimbursing for extended sessions.

How to bill for them:

  • Use code 90837. The highest level of CPT code that can be billed is for 60 minutes (90837). Currently, there are no additional add-on codes available for extended sessions.

  • Enter your full fee. You are allowed to charge the fees for extended sessions; you just can't submit the codes to the insurance. You'll still need to document the fee you are charging for.

Your client will get reimbursed what their insurance company allows for 90837 codes.

Risk-Free Guarantee:

At Mentaya, we offer a risk-free guarantee for claim submissions. If a claim is not successfully processed, we provide a full refund of our processing fees.

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