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How Mentaya Handles Claim Denials
How Mentaya Handles Claim Denials

We have an effective and streamlined claim submission process to minimize denials.

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We understand that claim denials can be frustrating and time-consuming. That's why Mentaya has a dedicated team of experts who work tirelessly to minimize denials and ensure timely reimbursement for you and your clients.

Here's how we handle claim denials:

  1. Streamlined Claim Submission Process:

    Our automatic claim submission is structured to avoid denials in the first place.

  2. Denial Resolution:

    If a claim does get denied, Mentaya takes care of fixing it and resubmitting it at no additional cost to you or your client.

  3. Reimbursement Guarantee:

    We are confident in our ability to get your clients reimbursed. However, if for any reason we are unable to successfully submit the claim and secure reimbursement, we guarantee a 100% refund of our fees.

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